BARON downloads

BARON version 17.10.16 (16-October-2017) executables are available for Windows 64 bitWindows 32 bitLinux 64 bitLinux 32 bit, and MAC OSX 64 bit.  Some older versions of BARON are also available and so is a brief release history.

These executables need no license key in order to handle problems with up to 10 variables, 10 constraints, and 50 nonlinear operations.  Solving larger models requires a valid BARON license.

The BARON manual describes how to use BARON executables through BARON's own parser-reader of optimization models.  Alternatively, the same executables can be accessed through the freely available MATLAB/BARON interface version 1.82 (27-October-2016) and the JuMP, Pyomo, and YALMIP modeling systems.

Examples of BARON input files are available for problems that are nonconvex nonlinear: nlp1, nlp2; mixed-integer linear: milp; mixed-integer nonlinear: minlp; separable concave or indefinite quadratic: scqp1, scqp2, iqp; and for miscellaneous applications: pooling, gear, design, robot.  We also provide a large test set of (mixed-ineger) nonlinear programs.